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Aside from Science Passions (the site you are on now), there are a few dating sites designed to cater to the needs of singles with a higher than average level of intelligence, which of course means they are much more likely to believe in science. While there are few 'science specific' dating sites, we have included the sites focused on intelligence and some focused on reaching out to self-idenified 'nerds'. While 'nerd' used to be a slur, it has come to represent those with an interest in things like science, science fiction, technology, robotics and more. Check out the sites below to find other intelligent singles potentially interested in science.


Dating Intelligent People

Date Smart
Find intelligent singles interested in meeting like-minded people who can actually have a conversation. While no IQ test is required to join you are more likely to find smarter than average singles within this dating site than within your typical dating site. Join for free.

Dating For Intellectuals

Find Other Intellectuals Online
If you are attracted to singles who love to read or who love crossword puzzles, this could be the site for you. With the focus of the site being to connect smart singles, you are more likely to find someone on your level within this site. Join for free and begin exploring the many features within the site.

Dating For Intelligent People

Date Intelligent Singles
Surround yourself with intelligent single men and women by joining Dating For Intelligent People. When dating, there is nothing worse than painfully dull conversation, or long silent pauses because the other person just cannot participate in the conversation. That is not likely to happen within this site. Join for free today and find other intellectually challenging singles.


Nerd Dating Connexion

Meet Nerdy Singles! Sign Up and Find Love Tonight!
Are you a single nerd? Do other people think you are a nerd? Do you? If so, then Nerd Dating Connexion may just be your home away from home!

Geek Online Personals

Geek and Nerd Dating Website
Looking to meet other singles who share your nerdy interests? Geek Online Personals is a great place to meet fellow geeks and nerds for friendship, romance, love and maybe more.

Nerd Dating Site

Finding Nerdy Singles Doesnt Have to be Hard.
If you want to meet singles who are nerds and proud of it, then you need to sign up with Nerd Dating and meet your match!

Geek or Nerd Dating

"Get Ready for Some Nerdy Fun!"
Have you been searching for geeks or nerds online but for some reason you have had problems finding them! Guess what? You found them!

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